The 70th anniversary of the Victory celebration events

- Publication of articles about WWII veterans in the media

- Lecture series by the veterans in schools, colleges, etc.

- Charity concert

- Children’s art works contest “Say No to War”

- Contest of stories about family members who participated in the military actions, or survived the Holocaust and Blockade.

- “Ride to Remember” to one of Canadian Forces Bases

- Tour of Canadian Forces Base

- Publication of a book with veterans’ memoires.

- Major Celebration on May 9, 2015 in Earl Bales Park


Celebration Program May 9, 2015 "Celebration with tears in our eyes"

1. Earl Bales Park.

- Parade of World War II veterans from the former USSR together with the veterans from Allied countries, Holocaust survivors and survivors of the Leningrad Blockade.

- “No one is forgotten. Nothing is forgotten.” Parade of the Immortal Platoon (family members and friends carrying photographs of the veterans killed and missing in action as a symbol of their ever lasting memory.)

- Laying flowers to the Holocaust Memorial monument.

- The formal part of celebration: Speeches, Greetings.

- Concert of outstanding entertainment and individual performances.

- Remembrance Territory (a section of the park where people can meet the veterans and share memories and stories with each other).

- Children’s art works exhibition "Say No to War" and the award ceremony.

- Exhibition of portraits /photographs of the veterans. Courtesy of photographer Ludmila Shnider

- Dance floor with the music of the war years.

- Kid's play zone

2. Banquet hall.

- Celebration feast and party