Victory Day holds a particularly special place amongst the various commemorative days in world history. This day, May 9th, 1945, marks the end of the most atrocious and bloody war in the history of the planet. The war - in which the Allied countries lost their best sons and daughters. For the former USSR these numbers are in a range of 27 million.

During those dreadful days of the War people of all nationalities and religions selflessly stood shoulder- to- shoulder in fighting the enemy of Civilization as we know it.  It was this union of all Civilized Nations that led to the historic victory over fascism.

Today, 70 years later, we realize even more how significant the sacrifices the Allied nations were.  We bow our heads to commemorate those who gave their lives as well as these who are Missing In Action. They will never be forgotten.  We are fortunate today to have a chance to honor the heroes who came back and still live between us.

Sadly, time takes its toll and every year we see fewer and fewer WWII veterans who participated in that terrible war.  And thus, it is our duty, as the children and grandchildren, to do everything in our power to preserve the memory of the Great Victory that saved our civilization and our freedoms.

The organizing committee for the 70th Anniversary of the Victory invites everyone to participate in this celebration, to show our gratitude to the veterans and to commemorate those who are no longer with us.